About Us.


DarbTech is a company based in Paris and Rabat. We work with small and medium-sized enterprises in French-speaking regions worldwide. We assist you in various areas, such as:

-Improving the productivity of your business through digitization solutions with CRM and ERP.

-Providing dedicated teams for specific application development.

DarbTech was born from the founders' desire to provide value-added services to stakeholders while facilitating exchanges in this vast village our world has become.

Our Methodology


Our DevOps methodology ensures the industrialization of our processes. It ensures operational excellence, promotes innovation, and guarantees efficiency at the core of each project while adhering to continuous improvement.


Our Agile methodology is one of the pillars of our success. It ensures operational excellence, promotes innovation, and guarantees efficiency at the core of each project. Short digital development cycles enable alignment with the involved client's needs, resulting in satisfaction and tangible benefits for their business.


We provide our employees and clients with project tracking and development tools that enable clear visibility and readability of the actions taken and the associated costs. At any time, we can allocate resources exclusively to a project or work collaboratively through our partnerships and networks of experts.


We acknowledge that every project may encounter challenges and uncertainties. We strive to de-risk every project and have a strong commitment to ensuring the success of our services. Like a bridge of honor, we collaborate for our clients' satisfaction, regardless of the path taken. We are your companion on the journey.

Our Team


Director of Production and Consulting

Experienced in information technology and digital solutions in industry and services, Fred strengthens the Production team by sharing his expertise and experience in various digitization topics through his international experiences. Fred is a pivotal figure in relationships and operations within transformation projects. He is motivated to challenge and improve existing processes and demonstrates the ability to methodically solve complex problems. He leads consulting and integration missions with enthusiasm, paying great attention to the satisfaction of both Darbtech's employees and clients. Fred holds an MBA from the University of Florida and a degree in Information Systems and Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Troyes.



CEO & Founder

True team player, curious, driven by the search for meaning, double-graduate from Paris-Sorbonne, Viet joined the entrepreneurial adventure in 2018. In charge of the business and management of the SAS, he is convinced that people are at the center of any value-creating organization, making advising his clients an easy task.


CRM & ERP, Python, JS EngineerLead Dev Senior ODOO
Project Management Professional (PMP)® 

With several years of experience with Odoo (formerly OpenERP), Zoubida joins DarbTech as a study and development engineer. Leveraging her commitment within the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) network, she contributes daily to the development, improvement, and implementation of optimal and tailored CRM and ERP solutions to meet the needs of our clients.


ERP Engineer Confirmé - Odoo Specialist
Having benefited from a rich and diverse experience, Abdellatif joins the DarbTech team as a confirmed Odoo/Python study and development engineer. Our colleague possesses considerable professional and human qualities, supported by his interesting career, and works diligently to meet the various needs of our clients. He has an analytical, synthetic, and problem-solving mindset. Abdellatif is not hesitant to get involved to go even further and shares his knowledge with colleagues. His inclination towards team cohesion is one of his undeniable strengths.


Developpeur Python Java et ReactJS
ERP Engineer - Odoo Specialist

With experience as an Odoo engineer and a professional background including training in industrial engineering and teaching experience, he possesses the necessary skills to understand the unique operational needs of each client and translate them into tailored solutions using the Odoo platform. He is passionate about problem-solving and enjoys working closely with our clients to understand their business needs and help them achieve their business goals by implementing and customizing their ERP solutions. He also contributes to optimizing the operational processes of our clients.


ERP Engineer Junior - Odoo Specialist

After completing her internship (PFE) at DarbTech, Fatima Zahra had the opportunity to join the company as a junior study and development engineer. Within DarbTech, she is responsible for daily development of tailor-made solutions that perfectly meet the needs of our clients. Learn, learn, and deliver.



ERP Software Engineer - Odoo Junior 

Mohammed makes a remarkable entrance into the team by contributing to complex API-related subjects. A graduate of ENSAT, he participates in the architecture of applications and technical analyses to deploy ERPs on a larger scale.

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