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Applications mobile

In our ultra-connected world, smartphones have become true companions, knowing how to make themselves indispensable with an average of 150 checks per day per user. The average number of available applications is 46, but only 19 applications on average are actually used at least once a month.

DarbTech supports you in your cross-platform mobile application development projects (iOS & Android). ​Contactez-nous​


 Web services

With the strong emergence of microservices, computer architectures are undergoing a profound transformation to provide more flexibility and interoperability.

DarbTech développe, exploite et connecte les web services indispensables à vos projets d'applications mobiles et web.Contactez-nous

 Web Applications 

Accessible from all screens, web applications have gradually established themselves within companies, whether installed on-premise or used in SaaS mode. Now, each actor within their enterprise requests and has their own access to shared software to consult and work with all other services within a single application.

DarbTech provides you with its experience in the most efficient languages and frameworks.




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